About us

Find your job title, and area in which you are looking for work via the code finder. At the bottom it tells you what to text and the number to text to.

You will receive up to 5 text messages with information about jobs within 25 miles of the area you are looking in. If you do not get a job with any of the 5 contacts just text the message again and the 5 messages will be sent to you.

If there are no adverts to send to you at that time you will still remain active for two weeks or until you get 5 adverts.

As soon as an advert is activated you will receive a message within 15 minutes of the ad activation provided your request is still active.


You will not be charged for any text messages that you receive from Text4Jobs. Any text request that you send will be charged at your standard network rate.

You will receive the first text in seconds, then every 15 minutes you will receive another contact. This gives you time to call the first contact or to stop further contacts.

If you get a job through one the messages you have received then text T4J CLOSE to 81025 and you will receive no further text messages.

Need more ads? Text the job code area codes again to receive the next 5 contacts.

If you do not receive any text messages your request will still be active as long as you typed the codes correctly.